About Us

HI Siem Reap 

A Cambodian & Australian family business that is part of an international non-profit organization with over 100 years of experience in providing clean, safe and friendly accommodation.

What a great location! Roof top swimming pool & pool table overlooking the river, Bar, Restaurant, 24 Hour security and CCTV Camera, air conditioned rooms, two pillows a bed, and the best prices you can find. Only a five minute walk from Pub Street Close enough to the action (Old market area), but still able to get a great sleep.

House Rules

  • Your property is your responsibility, while we have a 24 hour manned Front Desk, and 32 CCTV cameras throughout, in the end, you are responsible for your things. If you have passports and valuables that you need to keep secure, please speak with our Front Desk staff.
  • Check-in time is 2pm. If you will be arriving early, please ensure you have contacted us prior to arrival so that we can have your room prepared, where possible.
  • Check-out time is 12pm. Please ensure you collect all your belongings before departure. We’ll be happy to keep your bags safe if you are departing later in the day.
  • Please don’t tip Hostel staff directly, (this does not include drivers). We have a tip jar at reception, and this ensures we can share all tips equally between the whole team. even those who you may not meet but are very important in keeping the Hostel running.
  • We do not allow guests to bring unregistered persons into the Hostel.  They will be asked to leave, so please, do not embarrass them, yourself or staff.
  • We’re strongly opposed to the sexual exploitation of children. Cambodia has had enough! Children under 18 years old will only be permitted to stay with parents or authorised guardians. If we ask you to prove your guardianship of a child, don’t be offended – we’re helping to protect those who can’t protect themselves.
  • Save power. Turn off all lights, air-conditioning, unplug any phone or laptop chargers when you leave the room. Other than wasting electricity, it costs a lot in Cambodia for every kilowatt of power!
  • Save water. Please keep showers brief and don’t leave taps dripping. Wasting water hurts us all, and long showers mean less hot water for other guests.
  • Smoking, burning candles or incense in not permitted inside the guest house.  For safety and the pleasure of other guests, smoking is only permitted in our  outdoor areas.
  • Please don’t take food inside the rooms. Food attracts vermin, and just like you, we prefer to keep the Hostel vermin free!
  • If you break something, let us know. Accidents happen. Please inform us immediately so we can make repairs and reduce hazards for guests.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for tours or bus tickets booked outside of the Hostel.  The Front Desk can book all your onward trips, even accommodation if you wish.
  • Please be respectful of other guests.  Noise should be kept at a minimum after 10pm.  Also, when going on a sunrise tour, or checking out early, please speak softly in order that others may enjoy their sleep.